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St. Marks United Methodist Church
If you wish to reserve a space within the church for a meeting or function, please complete and submit the following information to the church office.  Your request will be evaluated based upon the availability of rooms and the size of the group that will be utilizing the needed space and support services required.  Once a suitable space has been identified you will receive a confirmation of your request.       Use the Tab Key to move from one field to the next field.
Event Type
# Attendees
Meeting Type
Event Date 
Request Source 
Off-Site Location ?
 If you are requesting meeting space for an organization not an integral part of St. Mark's UMC, 
you must submit a certificate of liability insurance to the church office prior to the event.
Use the rows below for recurring events.  Please enter all requested event dates, start and end times before clicking on Submit.
One time event? If "Yes", click on SUBMIT here >>>
After making the necessary number of entries for recurring meeting sessions, click on SUBMIT >>>